[Full text is available in the catalogue Cruzamentos: Contemporary Art in Brazil. The catalogue was published on the occasion of an exhibition of the same name, presented at the Wexner Center for the Arts from February 1-April 20, 2014 and curated by Jennifer Lange, Bill Horrigan, and Paulo Venancio Filho. A film series, Cruzamentos: Contemporary Brazilian Documentary, ran from January to April 2014 as a companion to the exhibition and then went on to tour the US throughout 2014. This is an excerpt from the artist entry for Tatiana Blass.]

Tatiana Blass

The viscosity of Tatiana Blass's artistic practice encompasses everything from painting to sculpture to video to installation, with equal accomplishment in each. Her interest in transformation allows Blass (b. 1979, São Paulo) to realize her ideas in an array of forms, fitting into gaps that only the most aqueous of methods can reach: the gap between motion and stasis, emotion and response, time and moment, solid and liquid, potency and existence, control and chaos...

[See catalogue for the full text.]

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