[Full text is available in the catalogue Cruzamentos: Contemporary Art in Brazil. The catalogue was published on the occasion of an exhibition of the same name, presented at the Wexner Center for the Arts from February 1-April 20, 2014 and curated by Jennifer Lange, Bill Horrigan, and Paulo Venancio Filho. A film series, Cruzamentos: Contemporary Brazilian Documentary, ran from January to April 2014 as a companion to the exhibition and then went on to tour the US throughout 2014. This is an excerpt from the artist entry for Gisele Camargo.]

Gisele Camargo

Although she has exhibited photographs and videos in the past, Gisele Camargo (b. 1970, Rio de Janeiro) has devoted her artistic practice to the possibilities of painting. After graduating from the School of Fine Arts at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, she worked as an assistant for the accomplished painter Elizabeth Jobim until she established her own career through numerous group and solo exhibitions in Rio and São Paulo.

Her most significant works to date have been grouped into series of paintings that function as much as installations as individual canvases. The exquisitely cropped urban landscapes that she paints are framed so tightly that they verge on abstraction. But the shapes that Camargo gravitates toward in the landscapes—and throughout her work—are from urban Rio environments, the natural world viewed through the prism of modernist overhangs or the geometric obstructions of anonymous architecture...

[See catalogue for the full text.]

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