[Full text is available in the catalogue Cruzamentos: Contemporary Art in Brazil. The catalogue was published on the occasion of an exhibition of the same name, presented at the Wexner Center for the Arts from February 1-April 20, 2014 and curated by Jennifer Lange, Bill Horrigan, and Paulo Venancio Filho. A film series, Cruzamentos: Contemporary Brazilian Documentary, ran from January to April 2014 as a companion to the exhibition and then went on to tour the US throughout 2014. This is an excerpt from the artist entry for Cinthia Marcelle.]

Cinthia Marcelle

Even before she was selected as the first recipient of the international Future Generation Art Prize in 2010, Cinthia Marcelle (b. 1974, Belo Horizonte) was recognized as one of the most notable young artists working in Brazil. Her work appears in both the Cruzamentos exhibition and film series. Based in Belo Horizonte, Marcelle graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. The biennials (and triennials) she has participated in during the past few years would create an itinerary to exhaust even the most well-seasoned traveler: Auckland, Mercosul (Porto Alegre, Brazil), Istanbul, New Museum (New York), São Paulo, Sharjah, and Venice...

[See catalogue for the full text.]

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