Along with my colleague Dave Filipi (Director of Film/Video), I have be co-curating the Wexner Center's regular film programming since 2002. Here are selected films, visiting filmmakers, series, and events that I have helped to organize.

Visiting Filmmakers

David Gatten (September 2013) [in conversation with Ann Hamilton]
Laida Lertxundi + Michael Robinson (March 2013)
Wu Tsang (March 2013)
William E. Jones (January 2013)
Ann Fessler (November 2012)
Liza Johnson (March 2012 [with panel discussion], May 2014)
Dani Leventhal + Jacqueline Goss (October 2011)
Kevin Jerome Everson (May 2011 [screening + artist talk])
Robert Beavers (November 2009)
Janie Geiser (October 2009)
Ben Russell (March 2009 [screening + performance], January 2011)
Semiconductor (November 2008)
Michael Robinson (April 2008)
Bruce McClure performance (November 2007)
Jennifer Reeves (March 2005, October 2007 [two programs, including performance w/live music], May 2009 [performance])
Kelly Reichardt (October 2006)


Terrence Malick [4 films] (June 2011)
Joe Dante [11 films + 2 shorts, in person appearance] (October 2010)
Jim Henson [11 programs, Dave Goelz appearance - organized by BAM and Henson Foundation] (March 2007, December 2007, December 2010)
Hong Sang-soo [6 films] (February 2006)
Apichatpong Weerasethakul [3 films, in person appearance] (November 2004)
Lars von Trier [9 films, including preview screenings of Dogville and The Five Obstructions] (March 2004)


Secret Cinema, an ongoing series, created with Dave Filipi, where the film is not announced in advance. Tickets are $3 and the audience finds out what they'll be watching when the title hits the screen. Titles programmed include Forty Guns, Model Shop, Leave Her to Heaven restoration, The Limits of Control, Nightfall, Charley Varrick, and others. (April 2004-present)
New Argentine Cinema: Four Directors, including double features by Lucrecia Martel, Martin Rejtman, Fabian Bielinksy, and Carlos Sorin (January 2007)
Culture Shock, an ongoing series of artsploitation films, including Happiness of the Katakuris, Trouble Every Day, Scarlet Diva, Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41, Secret Things, Pale Flower, Deathdream, The Brown Bunny, Raspberry Reich, among others (March 2003-January 2005)
New Korean Cinema, including The Power of Kangwon Province, A Petal, Kick the Moon, Christmas in August and others (November 2005)

Experimental Cinema

Avant Garde Masters: A Decade of Preservation (January 2013) [14 films preserved by the National Film Preservation Foundation, Introduced by Jeff Lambert]
Ken Jacobs (October 2012)
Luther Price's Biscott Series (March 2012)
Robert Breer restorations (February 2010)
Experimental Animation since 1933 (November 2007)
Lilian Schwartz [11 films] (November 2007)
Stan Brakhage [9 films] (April 2007)
Martin Arnold & Peter Tscherkassky [Arnold - 3 films; Tscherkassky 5 films + 1 Man Ray film] (March 2007)
Jack Smith [3 films] (February 2007)
Morgan Fisher [5 films] (January 2005)

Plus countless bookings of new international, idependent and documentary releases + repertory titles and restorations.