A Map of the New Lands
Thursday, October 21, 2010 | 7 pm
Wexner Center for the Arts

The Coming Race (Ben Rivers, 2006)
The Third Body (Peggy Ahwesh, 2007)
Interior New York Subway, 14th St. to 42nd St. (G. W. Bitzer, 1905)
Trains Are For Dreaming (Jennifer Reeves, 1999-2009)
^v^v^vVv^^v^^v^v^v^v^vV^^ (Stacie Sells, 2008)
There There Square (Jacqueline Goss, 2002)
Hotel Cartograph (Scott Stark, 1983)
dwarfs the sea (Stephanie Barber, 2007)
horizon line (Katherin McInnis, 2009)
Walkway (Ken Jacobs, 2009)
Junkopia (Chris Marker, 1981)
Ghost Algebra (Janie Geiser, 2009)
Ah! Liberty (Ben Rivers, 2008)

A Map of the New Lands brochure

Interior New York Subway...Interior New York Subway... (G. W. Bitzer, 1905)